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Alvan Motor Freight, Inc. is a Midwestern regional motor carrier that transports a wide variety of commodities. Alvan's primary focus is handling time-sensitive LTL freight that requires superior levels of service. Next day delivery is our specialty and nobody does it better.

In addition to the above, Alvan offers a number of custom designed products tailored to directly address our customer's needs. Recognize that each program Alvan develops will be unique and designed to specifically provide the optimal solution for your firm.
A rapidly growing segment of Alvan's product mix is design and implementation of specialized programs of this nature. We start out with a "clean sheet" mindset, working together with customers to jointly develop the most cost effective and service efficient program. Variables we consider include, but not limited to; vendor locations, shipment scheduling, consolidation location and transit time requirements.

Managed LTL Programs
Take control of your inbound LTL material flow process with Alvan's personalized "Managed LTL Program". Alvan's unique approach has generated broad-based customer approval by providing substantial service and cost improvements. The "Managed LTL Program" concept combines the discipline and scheduling advantages of sweep or milk runs with the geographic scope and flexibility of the Alvan LTL system. Contact Alvan for a formal presentation on the "Managed LTL Program" to completely understand the many advantages material flow management will provide to your company.

Similar in both approach and design development to our consolidation services, Alvan has significant expertise in distribution, another rapidly growing product segment for Alvan. With our "clean sheet" perspective, the possibilities are limitless.

As the trend towards globalization spreads, cross-border and other international services will become more important. Alvan has significant internal expertise in the international marketplace, working closely with a wide variety of multinational corporations. Our international programs and services range from the traditional to the extremely unique and innovative.

Alvan Specialized
Do you have a specialized need? Then Alvan Specialized is the answer! This Alvan division will provide you with a quote on a truckload, expedited, flatbed, temperature controlled, etc., anywhere in the world. Please contact us via email or phone as shown below. Specialized Needs - Specialized Results!

specialized@alvanmotor.com      1-800-923-1951

Strategic Alliances
Alvan's Strategic Alliance program provides our customers with industry leading levels of service throughout the United States. Our Alliance Partners have been chosen carefully; only the strongest, most service driven carriers make the cut.

New Penn
To and from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, the Alvan/New Penn Alliance provides a second day delivery service for thousands of points. This Alliance also features seamless tracking and tracing, providing you with the information you need with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Norrenberns (NOTS)
To and from America's Heartland, the Alvan/NOTS Alliance is the combination of two like-minded, family owned companies. This family attitude dominates everything that both Alvan and NOTS do; give this Alliance the opportunity to show you just how good we are.

Service to and from all points in California is offered through the Alvan/Dot-Line Alliance. Dot-Line's expertise really shines through on shipments to/from the major population centers of California. With linehaul being handled exclusively with team drivers, the West Coast is just days away.

Give us an opportunity to explain more fully Alvan's flexibility in service product design. Let us show you how we develop solutions for your needs that go beyond what most view as traditionally accepted logistics practices. Trust us and try us; you'll be glad you did.


Alvan Motor Freight, Inc.
3600 Alvan Road - Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001
Phone (800) 632-4172 - Fax (269) 345-3888
For sales information contact our Corporate Sales Department at
1-800-632-4172, ext. 222 or email alvansales@alvanmotor.com